Mynydd Llandegai


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Ground name: Mynydd Llandegai
By car: Google Maps – Ar Afon
Parking: On-street parking outside the ground
Nearest train station: Bangor – 7 miles away
Pitch: Grass
Floodlights: No


Mynydd Llandegai’s ground is situated nearly 800 feet above sea level in this small village which was established in the 19th century to provide cottages for the quarrymen of the nearby Penrhyn Quarry.

The ground is basic, but the local community do a great job of keeping the pitch as well as they possibly can in an area that receives significant rainfall.

There is no hard standing at the ground, but the village’s Memorial Hall provides changing rooms for the teams, and a snack shop for the supporters.

Supporters from both teams tend to congregate on the side of the Memorial Hall, with the home supporters tending to elevate themselves using a grass bank on one side of it.

Being this high above sea level, and at the foot of two of Snowdonia’s mountain ranges (the Carneddau and Glyderau), the views from the ground of the surrounding mountains are pretty spectacular if the visibility is good.


20190411_181707 (2)
The Memorial Hall side, with the grass bank the home fans make the most of
20190411_181730 (2)
The area behind one goal
20190411_184040 (2)
The other side of the ground
20190411_184057 (2)
Great views of the Carneddau mountains from this side
20190411_184746 (2)
Match action against Llangefni Town, with more mountain views
20190411_191759 (2)
Behind the other goal with the Memorial Hall that doubles as changing rooms and a snack shop
20190411_193306 (2)
The Memorial Hall side where most fans gather, you can see the home fans using the grass bank here